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Is Burn Notice still on? Also, Call the Midwife is good and I think someone else mentioned Eureka which we also liked. Sam lacks money and hence, ends up sleeping with older women to earn some extra cash.

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Chuck remained completely unaffected and despite his claims that he could sense when an electronic object was close to him due to its effect on him, did not sense the battery. Get Our Best Stories! Casey and Morgan are rescued by Chuck and Sarah.

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In Paris, Casey apprehends the Director and uses him as a bargaining chip with Beckman to get himself reinstated, and also convinces her to make Morgan an official part of the team. Name that TV show. Conventional but compelling cop drama with a great central performance by Titus Welliver. Burn Notice: canceled or renewed?

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Mr Colt at bay. No, he orchestrated it! Hulu is another good option for animated shows that premier on traditional cable networks. Bernthal with the two both serving as executive producers alongside Reinaldo Marcus Green. So, what are your thoughts?

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Benicio del Toro and Paul Dano are excellent as the convicts, but the series really belongs to Patricia Arquette as the woman they manipulate into helping facilitate their escape. Thanks for the heads up. Meanwhile, Fiona helps Jesse track down information about a recently deceased weapons runner. Cause I wanted to tell you.

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This is demonstrated when she chooses to execute an unarmed enemy agent who had learned Chuck was the Intersect and thereby threatened Chuck as well as his friends and family. TV by the Numbers. Madeline assists Michael by organizing the hostages and trying to lead them to safety. Michael shoots James who in turn blows up the building, seemingly killing Michael and Fiona. Michael finds himself in a standoff between Fiona and Sonya: between loyalty and betrayal.

Sawyer and the rest of the survivors now living among the Dharma Initiative.