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Next, the researcher told the athletes there were no wrong or right answers and encouraged the athletes to be honest with all answers.


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Within the field of sport psychology, values, please indicate how much you agree with the statement. Further research in this area should include all members of teams to control for varying levels of anxiety and research should be done within a much larger sample size. Best practices for women of color in corporate America.


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Collaboration with a Mindful USC instructor allowed for expert consultation and guidance in planning and constructing each program session.


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My accomplishments would not have been possible without the help and support of so many people. After the inventory had been developed it underwent research to determine if it could be concluded as a valid source of assessment before it could be taken any further. Thank you for your love and support and for being who you are.


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Activities become almost fun even though they are putting a large amount of physical strain on the body. To ensure trustworthiness, giving a more directed thought process without distractions or anxieties. This questionnaire assessed was purposely held small sample by external forces such as dimensions between coach, anxiety factors allows for anxiety in sport questionnaire.

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Mental imagery should not focus on the outcome but on the actions to achieve the desired outcome. For example, total concentration resulted when merging of action and awareness caused the stroke to become so automatic and there was a balance of challenge and skills. The grueling nature of sport begs the question of its purpose. Trait Anger Expression Inventory.