Present Simple Continuous Worksheet

Capetown in Africa, and he sends the girl a parrot from there. She __________________dinner with her grandmother every Tuesday. Joe plans to buy a new computernext year. Her mother bought Mary some sweets. New York subway trains are very comfortable. Questions that are currently available. Thetelephone never stops ringing. The squirrel is eating a nut. This is the last question. WASH He washes his car on Monday.

People continue to smoke, even though they know the dangers. The soccer every day, with a lot of its preview here for most? Complement Verb What do you do here? How can we improve your experience? You see a burglar breaking into your house. Are you sure you want to exit this game? The man teaches at the university. What is wrong with this ad? Please register or log in. No updates to report.

There are very few jobs, except in the tourist industry. You can take this quiz and then check your answers right away. Miss Bennet: She is one year younger. We spent our summer holiday there this year. He leaves for work at half past six. What did Bob send the girl from Capetown? The taxi driver was friendly. What did those people want? How will you travel to work? You have been signed out. Sarah is a bored teenager. The children are at the stadium.

It is believed that the wanted man is living in New York. Please rotate your device to landscape mode. The boys have arrived form Singapore. Some changes were made while you were away. You cannot assign to an empty class. Would you like some orange juice? She was playing happily.

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Past simple describes a similar time to present continuous. Are you sure you want to delete this quiz? Chinese is more difficult than French. How will you keep everyone engaged? Are you sure you want to end the game? Thank you for your rating! How are you using Quizizz? Quiz for this ID not found! Have you ever been in London?

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Do you want to express that something happens in general or that something is happening right now?

This fuller range of templates is offered for completeness. On the way a young man waved to me. He asked his friends IF they liked banana. Worksheet added to your worksheets! Examples: Someone is talking to John. They are called Rosa and Maria. She came to a zoo in the USA. Get Scribd for your mobile device. What makes you think so?

This may have been a mistake, but please proceed carefully. If you delete your account, all your data will be lost. Show everyone your amazing creation! Geldof traveled all over the world. Remember to include the correct verb to be. Last month I had been to Vizianagaram. Is Tom eating any oranges? Ann wasfeeling ill last night. Write UNREAL PRESENT situations. This file type is not supported. It was a very boring movie. Arthur is not in class today. Are you a teacher or a student?

He lives in England, but he is often away with his ship. You only earn knowledge points for levels that has not been. Geldof say that he is a very kind person. How long does it take you to have lunch? She asked him if he had worked before. Words starting with WH sorted by length. Abhi has finished his homework. It flows through that town. He always uses a special envelope. Invalid page number entered! There is a car near your house.

She went shopping so she could buy herself a television. Please ensure that the link is correct and not a private video. You can change your ad preferences anytime. ESL Activities, Games and Worksheets. But you can get up for half an hour. Which activities do you usually do? What was the month before last? Can you give it back to her? Smith has got a lot of packages. Did you invite Ann to the party? When does she do her homework? Angela looks after many children. Let me look in my pockets.

There is hector, simple continuous worksheet with us too quickly. CardGrammar Book among others printable worksheets to review these phrasal verbs, with printable. SurveyToolkit

Give feed back, comments and please share this article. My colleagues normally ____________ lunch in the office. They have been here for three months. Are you sure you want to delete this report? The pictures and sentences help the. Did they give you a great reception? Hill was in Canada last week. Nick is runningrunsdown the hill. What time do you usually get up? Paul has a twocar garage. Bob bought the car from a man. Choose the correct tense. Jim is giving his fathersome tea. Perhaps Jane lent Tom some money. How did she go to Kingston? My uncle painted this picture. Sally looks sad and worried. Because they like soccer. Children have gone to bed. They played basketball at home. Put these sentences into the PAST. No participants have joined yet. Sheis going to sell his car. Please write here the reasons. Worksheets from the Big Books. How difficult was this activity?

Some boys and girls are running on a patch in the park. What can you eat in an Italian restaurant? Rob Brown and Molly Gould are opera singers. Sue lowered the volume on the TV set. Copyright The Closure Library Authors. John has to get up early. She met no one at the busstop. New updates for remote learning. Where were you yesterday?

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