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2 FREE DOC 1 KB fun speaking activityboardgame where the students call each others' bluff using past tense modal verbs of obligation. Managing modals Writing and Communication Centre University. Grammar Lesson Plan Linguistics.


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Compared to other verb tenses and functions teaching modals is downright easy and better yet fun to teach With the focus on rules abilities and possibilities.

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Give each pair of students a card Students describe the place or situation on their card by writing five sentences with modal verbs and expressions of obligation and prohibition eg must should have to etc When everyone has finished writing pairs take it in turns to read their sentences to the class.


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We use modals to show if we believe something is certain possible or impossible My keys must be in the car It might rain tomorrow. Modal Verbs of Obligation and Prohibition in 2020 English. Should to express weak obligation and advice Speakspeak.

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ESL Obligation and Prohibition Game Reading Listening and Speaking Activity Low intermediate 30 minutes In this engaging More. Modal Verbs Obligation Speaking Activities Sign in Google. 7 Activities for Teaching Modal Auxiliary Verbs in the ESL. Modal Verb Activities for ESL Modals Games & Lesson Plans.

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