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7 F40G911 mxl-2 bHLHZip transcription factor BIGMAX WT ND F41E64 smk-1 Protein of unknown function DUF625 WT ND Pvl 9 F43G911 ces-.


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Table-S1 A B C D E F 1 All RNAi experiments were repeated. Transcription Factor-Like Protein 4 MLX Antibody Abbexa Ltd. High confidence protein-protein interactions HitPredict. What is the purpose of a positive transcription factor? MLXbigmax and MLX Interacting Protein MLXIPMondo Mondo. MAX-like protein X RefEx.


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Target Protein Principal Names MLX MAX-like protein X MAD7 MXD7 TCFL4 bHLHd13 BigMax protein MAX-like bHLHZIP protein transcription factor-like.

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35 33 gi1176169gbAAG40141 bHLHZip transcription factor BIGMAX. Transcript v30Potri014G0997001 v31Potri014G0997001 Protein. REGULATOR a database of metazoan transcription factors. FootprintDB a database of transcription factors with annotated. Rox a novel bHLHZip protein expressed in quiescent cells that. Mouse Mlx vectors Lentivirus AAV shRNA & CRISPR I.

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Regulation of p53 in response to DNA damage Oncogene Nature. Information Interactions Gene info Symbol Mlx GeneID 2142. Novel insights into ChREBP regulation and function Trends in. Evolution of the Max and Mlx Networks in Animals Genome. Analysis of Genomic Sequence Motifs for Deciphering Frontiers. Transcription factor Definition Effects & Types Britannica.


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Peyrefitte et al 2001 Mech Dev FlyBase Reference Report. K KOG1319 bHLHZip transcription factor BIGMAX O KOG1320 Serine. Basic helix-loop-helix leucine zipper transcription factors. Parent-of-Origin-Dependent Gene Expression in Male and. An Overview of Prokaryotic Transcription Factors SpringerLink. MLX gene interaction network Target Explorer.