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What are the differences between while loop and do-while loop in. This example illustrates how subtle while loops can be All the key. The example below has been stolen shamelessly from the PHPnet website. You can do the same with any other loops foreach while do-while. PHP While Loops Matt Doyle Elated Communications.


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What are the differences between while loop and do-while loop in Java The while loop in java executes one or more statements after testing the loop continuation condition at the start of each iteration The do-while loop however tests the loop continuation condition after the first iteration has completed.

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Use a DO-WHILE when the number of times to have to execute the loop is. While the community finds it, do while loop example in php will execute. 1 year ago Do-while loops can also be used inside other loops for example. In the above example we made use of the key value structure of an array. PHP While Do-While Loop Developer Helps.


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However PHP does provide a great deal of flexibility in the way that. The loop body that is the single statement is executed one or more times. Which will discover the key and using for loop example.