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Your shopping cart is empty. Mine is a referral business. How Much Does It Cost to Move? Brokers are, by definition, agents for either the seller or buyer. Also, it would be pretty silly of me to expect an immediate response.


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Thinking of selling your home? Seller in an effective manner. California had this system. Have extra key made for lockbox. Leave the tops of the windows uncovered to maximize the natural light. Her presentation really was nothing more than going over the offer. Thank you for using Wix.


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It should never be a question. Can a seller refuse to close? You CAN Own Your Own Home! Realtor or the brokerage staff. Contractor Key Boxes, Open House signs, Banners, Stands, Flyer Boxes etc. There is no set percentage or commission to which an agent is entitled.


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Maybe you just want to say hello? Offers may be rejected verbally. But buyers think they do. Read the latest updates here. For many of us, the garage door is the primary way we come and go. Our offer stipulated that this offer be made to the owner in person. Does a Home Need to Be Sold if an Offer Comes in Above the List Price?


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