How To Fill Aadhaar Card from An Example

How To Fill Aadhaar Card from An Example: Ready to apply for an Aadhaar you need little patience as this process takes a bit of time. First, you should know that Aadhaar registration is completely voluntary and if you don’t get it you will be excluded from any privilege that you are eligible for.

Issuing of an Aadhaar also depends on your ability to visit the enrolment center and submitting the required documents and biometric details. The actual process of getting the Aadhaar is applying for an appointment to visiting the center to submit the information, to get the number, verify the details and getting the physical copy of Aadhaar.

Enrolling for an Aadhaar card is a simple process; it requires following then the certain procedure, which you cannot ignore. This process starts with the booking an appointment and culminates in the submission of your form with other supporting documents.

Before you start to fill the application form for your Aadhaar, you need to keep in mind some key points, which are mentioned below.

How To Fill Aadhaar Card from An Example

Only Capital Letter: Use the capital letters to fill up all the details in all the boxes in an application form. As the capital letters are easily identified and the chances of mistakes will be less at the time of verification.

Avoid Spelling Mistake: Fill the correct spelling of your name as per the ID you are going to attach with the application. If you submit your form with mistakes you need to update your Aadhaar Card. Later it will be a lengthy process and a bit long process. In some cases, your application can be rejected.

Correction in Aadhaar: If you are going to file the correction in Aadhaar form you need to change your date of birth remember you can do such correction only once.

Proper Documents: The supporting documents must be same as you mentioned in the application form.

Write new data in the correction: In case you are going to mention the correction you only need to enter the new data and do not write the old information.

After knowing the important points have a look on the given in Aadhaar application form. Have a look on the Aadhaar form you need to enter the details and page number 2 of the form contains the list of documents which is required as ID proof.

Details to be filled in the Aadhaar application form.

Pre-enrolment ID: It is an optional field. You will get your Pre-enrolment If once you provide your basic demographic data to UIDAI. These details are your name, address and date of birth. After providing all the details you will get a pre-enrollment ID.

TIN Number/NRP Receipt: Tax identification number and National Population Register this field are optional.

Name – You need to write your full name, father’s name and surname in the first box.

Gender – Select your gender and tick the appropriate box a transgender can tick the last option.

Age & DOB – Write your age in the years and date of birth in DD-MM-YY format. If you do not have any documentary proof verify your DOB then tick the ‘Declared’ box in the field. On the other hand, if you have supporting documents for your date of birth tick the ‘Verified’ box.

Address – Write down your address without making any mistake in capital letters. As your Aadhaar will be delivered to this address so make sure write the correct address. Make it clear like House number, block number, street number etc. don’t forget to provide Pin Code, your email id, mobile number etc.

Family details – You need to select which family member details you want to provide. Then write down its full name in the next field. If they have, their Aadhaar enter his/her EID number in the next field.

Consent – In this part, you can choose to allow or deny UIDAI the right to share your information with agencies, which are, involved in delivering public and welfare services. Tick the sign if you are fine with the information sharing and select the X sign if you are Not Ok with it.

Bank account – It is a mandatory field you can choose a new Aadhaar link bank or post office account to choose to link your existing bank account details to Aadhaar number to be created. You can also link your Aadhaar number and bank account number later.

Document proof – You need to provide one document proof for verification purpose to Aadhaar Official. You need to check the list of documents which are eligible for ID proof.

Introducer – In case you do not have any ID proof, you can use the credentials of an introducer or Head of Family to enroll yourself into Aadhaar. Only ID proof of them is required.

Signature – Sign the document or thumbprint to validate it at the last field and hand over the form to Aadhaar officials.

Before submitting the form you must ensure that you have not made any mistake.

How to fill the correction form

In case your details like name, address and mobile number printed are incorrect then to make it correct you need to fill up Aadhaar Correction Form. You can do it online as well as offline. To submit the correction online you need to visit the UIDAI portal and you must have a registered mobile number for it.

The offline correction is made when you have lost your registered mobile number. In that case, you need to enter the filling Aadhaar Correction Form.

1. Select the field where you want to make a correction.

2. In the correction form, you need to provide the latest details which you want to be corrected in your new Aadhaar.

3. You can fill the form in English and your local language.

4. In the correction process, you need to submit your identity proof as mentioned above.

5. In the last self-attest the form and send to the address mentioned in the form.

I hope this article is helpful to fill your Aadhaar card form free of mistakes. How To Fill Aadhaar Card from An Example.

How To Fill Aadhaar Card from An Example
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