How To Check Aadhaar Card Link with Bank Through Mobile

How To Check Aadhaar Card Link with Bank Through Mobile – As we, all know the government of India has made it mandatory to link the Aadhaar with various social schemes. The linking of Aadhaar card needs to be done with many utility banking is one of them. Aadhaar 12-digit number assigned by UIDAI must link to all bank accounts to get the many benefits offered by the various schemes and benefits.

The banking organisations instructed by the government to send a notification to the consumers, asking to link their Aadhaar with Bank accounts. There is no last date has been set yet to link the Aadhaar card and bank account. However, as soon you link your Aadhaar with mobile it will conveniently reduce the hassle once the deadline is set.

How To Check Aadhaar Card Link with Bank Through Mobile

How To Check Aadhaar Card Link with Bank Through Mobile

This step is initiated the Aadhaar linking drive to keep an eye on the black money, unfair distribution of public resources and benefits and also provide the numerous amenities and assistance.

Once you link your Aadhaar Card to your bank account you need to check whether it is linked to your account or not. Here I am going to mention the steps through which you can check that your Aadhaar is linked to your bank account or not.

How to check your Aadhaar linked to the bank account via mobile?

1. Dial *99*# on your mobile.

2. Enter your Aadhaar number correctly.

3. Press 1 on the keypad of your mobile.

4. After finishing the above steps, you will know the name of the bank to which your Aadhaar card is linked.

How to check if your Bank account linked with your Aadhaar number?

1. Visit the official website of UIDAI

2. You will find the ìCheck Aadhaar & Bank Account Linking statusî under the Aadhaar service category.

3. Enter the 12-digit UAN number with the security code that is displayed in the given box.

4. As you enter, the details click on ìSend OTPî you will receive OTP at your Aadhaar linked mobile number.

5. Enter the OTP in the box provided there and then click on ìLoginî.

6. Once you have finished the verification a message will display on the screen showing the Aadhaar mapping done.

7. Other details like linking status, date and bank name shown on the screen.Follow the steps mentioned below.

If you Aadhaar is not linked to your bank account then you can link it to a bank account in many ways. The methods mentioned below.

Note: UIDAI shows a linking status of only one bank account, so if you need to check Aadhaar linking status of multiple bank accounts you need to check through your individual bank.

Steps to link Bank Account with Aadhaar via branch channel.

1. In the absence of net banking facility, you can complete the linking process by visiting the bankís website. You need to follow the steps mentioned below.

2. Download Form No1 and take a print of it.

3. Fill the form by providing the details like name, bank account number, name address, Aadhaar number, mobile number and gender.

4. Make sure that the complete details like name, signature, date and place must be there.

5. Attach a photocopy of Aadhaar card with the application form.

6. Visit the nearest bank to submit the form.

7. Once the bank representative receives the form, he/she will enter the details into the system.

8. He/she will also confirm whether you will receive seeding confirmation form or the applicant has to submit more documents.

9. Once everything ensured, the bank official should sign your form.

Note: Do not forget to carry the original copy of Aadhaar card to the bank for verification.

Steps to link the Aadhaar Card using Internet Banking

1. Linking bank account and Aadhaar is using online method is easy. You can complete this process sitting at home. Follow the steps mentioned below.

2. First, you need to enroll in the Internet banking services in a bank that offers Aadhaar mapping to its customers.

3. Login to your Internet banking account.

4. As you logged it on the bankís page, you should look for the link ìAadhaar Card Seedingî or ìUpdate Aadhaar Card detailsî.

5. Click the link open the page.

6. Fill the required information correctly in the fields and donít forget to cross-check to avoid providing any wrong data.

7. Click the ìSubmitî button and form saved in the bankís database.

8. Bank officials will verify the information provided.

9. After the verification, the application processed internally.

10.The intimation will be sent through SMS or email about this application status.

Note: In case any mismatch in the information the bank official will send a notification.

Deadline to Link Aadhaar Card to a Bank Account?

In order to provide a universal identity for every Indian citizen Aadhaar program launched in 2009. Initially, the applicants for Aadhaar faced a large number of issues in terms of technical snags and incorrect data. With the passage of time, the issues were resolved and people now able to get Aadhaar without any delay.

It is essential to link the Aadhaar to the bank account. So the public and private sector banks in India are sending a reminder to their customer to link their bank account with Aadhaar. Initially, the last date to link Aadhaar with bank account was 31 March 2018 after those bank accounts would become inoperative. However, the date has changed recently for an indefinite period it is up to the authorities to announce a new deadline.

Who are eligible to link Aadhaar to a bank account?

The person who is eligible to apply for an Aadhaar must link their Aadhaar number with their bank account. Although NRIs are not eligible for this and advised, they must disclose their non-residence status to the bank officials with a proof.

What does a small bank account mean?

The total of all credits in the given financial year does not exceed more than Rs. 1Lakh.
The total of all withdrawals and transfers that take place in a month not exceeds Rs.10000.

The total balance of an account should not exceed than Rs.50000.

How To Check Aadhaar Card Link with Bank Through Mobile

How To Check Aadhaar Card Link with Bank Through Mobile
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