How To Change Address in Aadhaar Card?

How To Change Address in Aadhaar Card: Aadhaar is a centralized and universal ID unique number issued to every Indian. A biometric document stores an individual’s details in a government database.

It has various uses and benefits other than serving as an ID proof. It is required for applying for a PAN card, open a bank account, crop insurance for farmers and bank accounts to academic scholarships.

The government enforced the Aadhaar network in order to ensure the individuals who need assistance and benefits to gain the access to these resources and eliminating the intermediary.

Aadhaar is an important document, which must provide the complete information about you. Quoting of an Aadhaar number has become mandatory, it is important to ensure that your details must be correct.

It is essential to get government services and benefits schemes to Aadhaar network, creating a centralized database. Through which it can distribute and keep track on the various schemes, which runs along with the beneficiaries.

In this way, it can be identified those who are receiving benefits but are not eligible for them take corrective action. However many people are now aware of the uses of Aadhaar, so government runs various campaigns to educate the people about Aadhaar.

In case your Aadhaar card contains the wrong address or you recently relocated you have to change the address on your Aadhaar card. It is easy to update the correct address in an Aadhaar.

According to the UIDAI website, there are three ways to update the correct address on your Aadhaar.

1. Updating Aadhaar address Online.

2. Updating Aadhaar address Offline.

3. Update Aadhaar address by post.

1. Updating Aadhaar Online

The people who have registered mobile number with UIDAI will be able to use the online mode. As online transaction requires OTP for authentication, so registered mobile is mandatory. If you are using the Self Service Update Portal you can update your demographic details.

How To Change Address in Aadhaar Card

1. Log on the UIDAI website i.e. and select the option Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal.

2. Log in to your account by filling your Aadhaar number.

3. You will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number.

4. Check the box ‘Address’ under the ‘Select fields to update’

5. Upload the scanned copy of your self- attested identity and address proof.

6. Submit the address update request.

After the successful submission of the details, you will get an Aadhaar card updated request number. You can track your Aadhaar card update status anytime in the future. Visit the

2. Updating Aadhaar address offline

Visit the near Aadhaar enrollment center, log in the UIDAI official website and find the nearest enrollment center. Here you can change the demographics name, address, date of birth, mobile, email id etc. You can also update the biometrics such as fingerprints, iris and photo.

All the original documents must be carried in order to update the address in Aadhaar at an enrollment center. You will get these documents back after the update. This process can be done by visiting any enrollment center.

3. Update Aadhaar address by post

Download the Aadhaar update form online by visiting he Take a clear print of the form, fill this form carefully make sure that you fill in all details in the language, which had been used while enrolling your Aadhaar.

Fill the address details that need to be updated and make sure that you provide your registered phone number only. Providing an email id is optional in this method.


Post Box No.10

Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh -480001.


Post Box No.99

Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034

Time and Fees required to submit the Aadhaar address correction

After the successful submission of the documents, you need to wait around 90 days for up-dating in your Aadhaar. You need to pay an amount of Rs.25 for this process. You can check the status of your Aadhaar on the official website.

Documents required for New Aadhaar Card

The documents which you produce as an address proof must be issued by the government bodies. One common fact in all these documents is that they all require a photo identity cards. You can submit any of the document and use as KYC document for an Aadhaar.

1. Copy of Passport

2. Copy of Ration Card

3. Copy of PAN Card.

4. Copy of Driving License.

5. Copy of Voter ID

6. Copy of Government Photo ID cards

7. Copy of PSU issued service photo ID card.

8. Copy of Arms License.

9. Copy of Photo ID issued by the Recognized Education Institution.

10. Copy of Photo credit card.

11. Copy of Photo Bank ATM Card.

12. Copy of Kissan photo passbook.

13. Copy of Pensioner Photocard

14. Copy of Freedom fighter photocard.

15. Copy of ECHS/CGHS photo card.

16. Copy of Certificate of Identity which has photo issued by Gazetted Officer/Tehsildar on a letterhead.

17. Copy of Address Card that containing name and photo issued by the department of posts.

18. Copy of Disability ID Card or handicapped medical certificate which is issued by the respective State or Administrator or Union Territory government.

19. Copy of marriage certificate.

20. Copy of proof of marriage document that has been issued by the registrar.

Remember if you are updating your new address in your Aadhaar you need to furnish the same in your child’s Aadhaar. In that case you Aadhaar card address will be the proof of address for your child’s Aadhaar.

What is the difference between a permanent address and correspondence address?

The correspondence address is communication address at present. Whereas the permanent address means where your documents are written on your birth certificate and voter ID.

How to avoid the rejection of the change in Aadhaar?

It’s not necessary that UIDAI is processed. UIDAI has its own criteria to measure the details from making the changes in Aadhaar details. Only the cases which fulfill the criteria updated by UIDAI. So take care the following conditions must be fulfilled before correction address in Aadhaar.

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The form must be filled and should not be complete or contain any errors.

Proper documents must be sent along with the form for verification. In case of absence of the proper documents updating or correction request would not be processed.
The documents sent to UIDAI must be self-attested.

The details mentioned in the form do not match the document attached for verification.
Up-dating of Aadhaar may face a roadblock once you do not submit the proper documents along with the form. So read the instructions twice and fill the details. If still, the change address in Aadhaar is rejected due to any reason.

Don’t worry! You can send a fresh request by making an appropriate correction in the form and submit the appropriate self-attested documents. How To Change Address in Aadhaar Card.

How To Change Address in Aadhaar Card?
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